MIDCO Oilfield Services

Midco is a leading integrated oilfield service provider, we started our journey in Egypt since 1998. Over the past years Midco has grown to provide a broad array of oil & Gas services to companies of all sizes.


We have built a reputation of trust, quality and technical competency that enables us to be the preferred business partner to the majority of the oil and gas companies in Egypt and we are expanding our services to the middle east area.


Midco adheres a leading culture of developing our employees Skills and Knowledge;  enhancing their professionalism to overcome work’s obstacles and be aligned to the most up-to-date operational trends.


Midco integrated management system is certified and fully operates with compliance of ISO 9001, ISO 45000, API Q2, LEAA full membership and preparing for API Q1.


Nowadays the increasing amount of change within the oil & Gas industry creates massive challenges to us and to our customers, Midco takes a holistic approach to adapt quickly to meet customers’ demand under exceptional conditions of economic turbulence and epidemic virus.


Throughout our capabilities, we succeed to grow up our set of services:


•Wellhead Maintenance & Supply services

•Cold Cutter Services

•Pre-heating and Welding services

•High torque services

•Pressure test services

•Inspection: Rig Inspection, NDT, Lifting Inspection, Tubular inspection

•Load testing

•Mooring System Supply

•Filtration unit services.

•Manpower & Drilling consulting services

•Rental of offshore baskets.

•Sand Blasting & Painting for tools