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Casing Cold Cutter

Casing Cold Cutter service offered by MIDCO  is designed to give a lightweight portable pipe-cutting unit for various operating conditions. Cutters’ range from 2 inches to 36 inches. The split body construction allows the application to continuous run pipe; the simple external clamping system allows easy set-up and a secure rigid mounting. The machine is powered pneumatically, So there is no need of using open fire and it is cutting and beveling simultaneously making pre-welding operation. The time required for rig up, cutting, beveling, and rig down does not exceed one hour which is saving up to 3 hours.


·         Casing  Cold Cutter unit (LOW CLEARANCE CLYDE)


Model: LC CLYDE    Manufacture: Glacier Energy Services DWC LLC

The machine consists of a split clamping, incorporating the clamping system, and a faceplate with integral bull gear.