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This service provides tightening of the flanges bolts around the circular area according to the standards of the Hy-torc Machine’s tables and It assures equal tension on all bolts around the flanges and automatically avoiding leak sources.

The HY-TORC machine is hydraulically powered, no hammering required and no hazard of sparking and We can also provide nut-splitter service when needed.

By using our HI-TORQUE service, you save 50 % of the normal rig time and consequently Save cost and guarantee 100% safety.

HY-TORC wrench can be used efficiently and safely in the following application:

·    B.O.P

·    Riser

·    Well heads

·    Pipe-lines

·    Well Shut-down

·    Constructions Projects Surface & Sub-Sea

Pistons and Wrench

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Hitorc machines and Nut Splitter

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